Not your

Surfing Safari,
vibrantly different.

Surfing Safari is unique, a pioneer, the first of her kind. The wavy shapes of her leaves push and pull the flower into motion like the tide of the sea. 
Unlike any other hydrangea.

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The vibrant

With a variety of six unique colors, there is a liking for everyone. On the balcony or in your garden. Surfing Safari invites you on a voyage in your own outdoor space.
Unlike any other hydrangea. 

Surfing Safari White Waves hydrangea

White Waves

A crispy white addition in every outdoor space.

Surfing Safari Pink Sunset hydrangea

Pink Sunset

With the setting sun, can you see how everything turns pink.

Surfing Safari Purple Sunset hydrangea

Purple Sunset

This one blooms and shows her true colors with her bold and wavy shape.

Surfing Safari Bayview purple hydrangea

Bayview purple

Cultivate your garden with this purple pioneer and colour your outdoor space.

Surfing Safari Seaside blue hydrangea

Seaside blue

This dreamy blue makes you wondering about the sound of the waves washing up on the shore. 

Surfing Safari Bayview red hydrangea

Bayview red

Let Spring begin with these ever waving flowers with a vibrant red colour.

Surfing Safari Seaside pink hydrangea

Seaside pink

A colour to remembrance the sun quietly hiding behind the horizon.

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As we already mentioned, Surfing Safari is unique, a pioneer, the first of her kind. Want to stay up to date and receive information about the wavy hydrangea? 
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